My first photographed crossdressing experience when I came out to my 2nd wife in Oct of 2000. 

Various crossdressing photos at home with no professional help below. They are chronological with most recent being last.

      May, 2005    

 May, 2005    November, 2005


These pics done Oct. 13, 2007 with the help of a makeup specialist.



One day after giving up on Love I came to work and had a beautiful lady come in. She was very friendly and we were attracted right away. She tried to recruit me for her dating service, but I said I would prefer going out with her. Well it was a month later and we finally got together, through a twist of fate and a car accident. I proposed to her five months later on my birthday and got married the following year. Our relationship has been a wonderful experience. She has taught me many things. The most important being what Love is truly all about. Now this does not mean we are still in the same relationship for after about 4yrs I came out to her and things changed. She was shocked and felt betrayed that I had not told her before we were married. My response was simply that these feeling had been dormant in a desperate attempt to be “normal”. Our true nature will always emerge and the sooner we understand that the better for everyone. She was very understanding at first and supported me as best she could. We went to a Halloween party and this was the first time I had been dressed as a female so I went all out and had a great time doing so. Over the next few years her feelings about my dressing would vacillate between accept and disapprove. We would fight sometimes and most of the time I would stay in private as to not push the issue. In 2004 I decided to take it to the next level and get professional help releasing the woman inside me (see Glamour Shots ). My feminine had been suppressed for so long that when the opportunity came to have a makeover I jumped on it. I was so excited that I decided to come out to the rest of the family. All in all this was very positive and to this day I am supported by both my brothers, but my father is not so supportive. Again he is on the fence about the whole thing (like my wife) and I know that he loves me, it is just what he thought was true about me is no longer true. My mom did not like it but would not make an issue of it, she just did not speak of it and asked that I keep it to myself. To me it is about expressing my inner feelings and being the person I believe myself to be. I am just being myself! The more I explored my feeling the stronger they got and the professional glamour shots seem to really accentuate those feelings. My wife flipped out when she saw the glamour shots as she felt very threatened by them. I see now for good reason. A year later I had more glamour shots done and by this time my wife just preferred not knowing about it. Of course she wanted to see the photos (see Austins Angels ), I guess just to be part of my life. When I made the decision to go all the way to full transsexual I moved out, more for me than anyone. It is hard to be yourself when you feel under pressure that you have to perform an act all the time. Steven was a good role but he is gone now, integrated into Sequoia Elisabeth who is natural for me. Our Love has prevailed and even though we got divorced in Dec. 2008 our friendship has grown and we are still very close.  She married a person we both met on the internet.  He is a dear friend to me and I really enjoy his company.  In my journey of love, I discovered the unconditional love I was searching for and much more. Thank you Juanita for Loving me! The realization that I really did not know what I wanted in a relationship besides an opportunity to love and be loved motivated me to move on with my life. Love is my nature and the more people I meet the greater this becomes. 

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