Second Life is a 3D virtual world that the residents create.  Sort of like 1st Life.  Not to be confused with “real” life.  It is called a game, and we have all heard of the game of Life (not the board game).   Over two years ago I found SecondLife (SL) and was hooked right away.  Now I look back and can see the purpose of it and the benefits.  Ever since March 9, 2007 my life changed and I would have never guessed that I would have my own ministry and that it would be in a virtual world.  As the course in miracles (ACIM) teaches us; our lives, what we see with our body's eyes, is all illusion.  Both First Life and SecondLife are of our creation, with a little help from Holy Spirit.  It all became clear one day when I got this youtube video that explained that things would be changing and that there was a game and to play it.   The human language we have now is inadequate for growth beyond where we are, so this game is a tool for learning this language.  Most of us are unaware of this, but it does not matter.  We are learning all the time and we don’t even know what we are learning!  My goal has always been to be conscious of as much as possible.  So this language could best be called telepathy, but is different in that it is heart based.  The best way to experience it is to play SL.  The other part to SL and why I initially got into SL is the power of imagination to create reality.  Yes, we are constantly creating our reality (in our dreams) and with SL we can let go of many of first life’s limitations.  This program allows me to see reality as I choose, sort of like practice.  Through my thoughts, words, and actions I am expressing that which is me.  You are doing the same!  The pictures below will give you an idea of what SecondLife looks like.  The fun part is meeting new people, making new friends, and seeing their vision and dreams.  Let me state my vision once more as clearly as I can.  Thought, word and action are the process involved in creation. My vision is to be a blessed woman, to Love all whom I meet, to help those in need and to see their magnificence!

The reason I recommend SecondLife is it is a great platform to explore your inner feelings, discover the expression that makes you feel best, and to try on different identities.  For a transgender individual this is an incredible opportunity and better yet it is safe! 

SL is free to sign up and takes a few mins or so to get through orientation, after that you are free to explore a whole new world.  A paradise that will spark your imagination and free your soul!  For more on SL please visit HERE .









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