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Livin' Large is a philosophy for living that brings harmony, peace, and love to awareness. 

Livin' Large shares eternal wisdom on what I call "A Journey of Love" which is the life you are living right now. Livin' Large is meant as a guide to important principles which make Life more enjoyable and sparks interest in the metaphysical.  The book is illustrated with photos done personally by the author.  Discover a new perspective and way of thinking that is both positive and peaceful.  May this eBook enlighten your Journey of Love!


For added value The Livin' Large Workbook is included as an online enhanced addition (Link is in the book or if you prefer you can download in PDF to print out and use at your discretion).  

The Livin' Large Workbook is a way of deepening the journey.  Through the use of exercises and journaling a permanent record is created so you can come back and see the progress you are making.  Even if you journal now and have done self help workbooks before, these specific exercises deepen your understanding of the principles offered in the main book, Livin' Large.

In review, get the ebook Livin' Large (fully illustrated in color), The Livin' Large Workbook - Online enhanced addition & in PDF format.  Plus get the new updated companion eBook Methods of Raising our Energy (also fully illustrated in color) now available in PDF format (Readable on 95% of readers today). 

Take a Journey of Love by Livin' Large!!!


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Methods of Raising Our Energy 
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