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Gender Learning Center

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Transition Journey




Transgender Links


Educational sites

Transgender Care - Great site for MtoF specifics and hormones.

TS Roadmap - Timeline for transition

The Second Type Woman - Great TG site covers a ton of info!

The Gender Society - The Gender Society is a major online community for crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals, SO's and our admirers.

Gender Paradigm - Affirming the humanity of Transgenders, with links to the Denver community

TransMen info - This page has many other links on it, so for FtoM's please check this out

F to M Transition  - A great website for information on all aspects of TransMen.

PFLAG TNET - Awesome support for the TransCommunity

GLBT Groups in the Denver area - GICC or the GLBT Center

Two-Spirit - Movie about a Navajo Two-Spirit, see the trailer here. 

How to Respect a Transgender person  - Etiquette in social relationships

Unitarian Universalist view of Gender Issues

The Yin Project  - Feminine Energy and how to develop it, now has relationship info too

URNotAlone  - great website to connect with other Transgender individuals 

Voice Training for MtoF

Voice Feminization - Exceptional Voice Inc. in Denver CO, one of the best in the business!

Vocal Ease Communications - Sherrin Loyd helped me tremendously

Surgery - SRS/GRS

List of GRS/SRS Surgeons World Wide

List of FFS/MA/Cosmetic Surgeons 

Great page to explore the SRS surgery and history (18 and older on this page please)

More info on Surgical Techniques  (18 and older on this page please)

Satori Global Transgender Program - For complete guidance on Gender Transition Surgery

MtoF SRS surgical info - Dr. Kamol, nice pics and explanations

SRS surgery info - easy to understand language, by Melanie Anne

Low cost SRS - Dr. Juta Jansi in Thailand (trained by Dr. Preecha)

MTV True Life video of SRS - Both MtoF and FtoM covered

Live SRS surgery - with explanations on

Another excellent SRS surgery video with explanations

Gender Counseling, Therapy and Treatment

UCSF Primary Care Guide for the treatment of Transsexualism

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) - Used to be the Harry Benjamin Association.  This group establishes the standards of care.

WPATH, Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual,Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, Version 7, 2011

International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) - They advocate for freedom of gender expression and promote the understanding and acceptance of All People.

Alice in Genderland - Great advice from a Transgender Psychiatrist.

Myers-Briggs & TG, Personality test - Best psychological test for gender tendencies

S.A.G.E. - Sex and Gender Explorer test

COGIATI - Combined Gender Identity and Transexuality Inventory (test)

Gender Therapists by state , includes International and online from GIDC

Financial and related info

Transgender Law - know your rights! This is important info, so please explore.

Trans Law on Insurance from WPATH - Good News!

Aetna SRS insurance coverage - Qualifications

Surgery Loans - Many options exist to get the help you need to reach your goals.

Jim Collins Foundation - Grant funding SRS for those who qualify. 

AMA (American Medical Association) Resolution 122

IRS Grants Deduction for SRS


Crossdressing Links

Glamour Boutique   Las Vegas, & near Boston, Fairfield NJ

Emerald Fantasy   Seattle, WA

Carla's   San Jose, CA

CD-Tips    Philadelphia, PA

Femme Fever   Long Island, NY

Miss Vera's Finishing School    New York, NY

Transformations by Rori    Chicago area

Phoebe Crossdressing    near Atlanta, GA

Studio Lites   Denver, CO

Phyllis' Fantasies - Denver, CO

Colorado Social Sites - Mile High Transgendered , Tau Sigma Kappa (Tri-Ess) , LIVE Colorado

Avon Virtual Makeover

A Place to Start - Makeup 101

Transgender feminization tips

Shopping Links

Simply Tall  - They have the tallest sizes I have ever found, and they are very good in customer service.

Tall Girl - I have not personally used this site, however they do have a nice collection.

Womans Shoes  - One list, Large sizes, many choices!

Shoe Express - Ladies shoes largest I have found, sizes 11-16, my first choice.






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