Unity in Gender Diversity invites you to enjoy ten days of Gratitude by stating one thing you are grateful for each day till Thanksgiving.  Of course every day is a day for gratitude, but for those of us who have not developed this habit, now is a perfect opportunity to do just that! 

The secret to powerful gratitudes and prayers is both intention and emotion.  So the object is to feel your gratitudes as deeply as you can, to contemplate their meaning and purpose, and to imagine connecting to Source, (gratitude comes thru you not from you, so we are simply owning it).

The following are my Gratitudes for each day:

18th - I am grateful for a healthy body and mind.
19th - I am grateful for a warm, safe place to call home.
20th - I am grateful for the loving, caring, compassionate people who support me; be they family, friends, or associates.
21st - I am grateful for the vast abundance I enjoy; I have all that I desire and more!
22nd - I am grateful for the Love in my heart and the blessed people in my life. 
23rd - I am grateful for the opportunity to look back and see the gifts I received by moving through the pain. 
24th - I am grateful for the vision to see beyond the material world - realizing the Divine nature of all that is. 
25th - I am grateful to always have what I need, whether I realize it or not. 
26th - I am grateful for my travels and the many rich experiences of life.
27th - Thanksgiving Day -
Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our trespasses, lead us beyond temptation and deliver us into your arms Oh Lord God, One with all there is!  Thank you Great Spirit for joining us this day! 

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