Obituary for Steven Edward Carpenter

                On Monday October 13th 2008 Steven went missing after returning to his hometown of Knoxville TN.  All searches for Steven were unsuccessful and he was finally pronounced dead on November 18th, 2008.  He is survived by his father Kenneth B. Carpenter and two brothers Michael Alan and David Bentson.  His Widow Juanita Villarreal Carpenter also survives him as do their daughter Angelica Pride and her children Jade, Amaya, and Damian. 

Steven was a gentle giant who loved everyone he met.  Although he was quiet most of the time, Steven loved to talk with individuals about most any subject but especially theology and science.  His interests included plants, animals and nature in general, gems and minerals, the ocean, photography, crossdressing, gender subjects and philosophy.  Steven excelled in the career of Radiology specializing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which lasted 24 yrs and allowed him the flexibility to travel for 10+yrs and enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle.  Appreciation and gratitude were his best attributes as he always inspired those around him.  His Love for Juanita and his family went deeper than even he realized!  Steven will be greatly missed by all who knew him. 


Birth of Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter

                Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter was born November 18th, 2008 in Knoxville TN.  She is a gentle giant who loves everyone she meets.  She is a peaceful flowing individual who takes life with calm reserve and is always looking for ways to serve others.  She is a deeply Spiritual person who has devoted her life to Divine Awareness and Blessing others with this gift.  Her interests include plants, animals, and nature in general, gems and minerals, the ocean, the sequoia forest, photography, and philosophy.  She is a Transgender Woman who educates others in this not so rare occurrence (1 in 2000) of the human race.  She is growing and discovering a new world each day which she holds a deep gratitude and appreciation for.  Feel free to email her to ask any questions about her journey, the Transgender Journey, or Life in general.  Link to the left.

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