Here are the most recent photos, thanks for your interest and support.   Click the picture to see it enlarged. 


  Taken Jan. 1 2014                Taken June 1, 2014            Taken June 6, 2014



Taken Feb. 2, 2013          Taken July 9, 2013              Taken Dec 28, 2013



 Taken Nov. 12, 2012             Taken June 22, 2012         Taken May 9, 2012


Taken July 11, 2011            Taken May 9, 2011                 Taken Dec. 28, 2010


     Taken Oct. 11, 2010                        Taken Oct. 3, 2010                         Taken Sept. 27, 2010

Most recent photos taken in Colorado.  My hair was just trimmed in the first photo, but as you can see I like to keep it as long as possible.

                          Taken Oct. 29. 2009

These are the latest Pictures I had taken after my Mary Kay Makeover on Oct. 29th 2009.  I am wearing a new top I picked up that I absolutely love.  Oh and I finally got some feminine glasses, Yay ;-)

             Aug. 27, 2009

This is my latest look after my hair has grown out, pics taken in Wheat Ridge, CO at my friends house (My new home). 

        taken June 29, 2009

These photos were taken at home after I put on some makeup and had my hair done with a new style.  This new look I really like!

             Taken Mar. 10, 2009

The pictures above were taken at home.  I really like my new hair style and I even put on makeup this time.

           Taken Feb. 10, 2009

The above pics were taken on the same day.  I had just had my hair done and I am pretty happy about it!  You may notice that I did not take the time to put on much makeup.  So this is me, a la natural, my daily look.

Just to update you on my transition so far, I am have been living full time as a woman since Oct. 13th 2008.  My legal name is "Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter".  I am divorced and lived with my ex and her new husband for the first six months, but felt it was time to move on, so I moved to Wheat Ridge, CO on July 1st 2009 to stay with friends.  It is best not to leave a relationship on a low note, but to stay till you can part with Joy in your heart.  My ex and I Love each other despite the shift in our relationship, and will remain close friends for life.  We are soulmates!  Love is something that cannot end, so as we go through life it is how we choose to express this love in our actions and relationships that is important.  It is also important to let others live the life they choose and not get in the way.  My family Love's me, I know this, but I also know that they are not ready for Sequoia and I need to grow up some too.  That is best done with a clean slate.  This is why I moved away.  It is so liberating to show the world what I feel on the inside!  Please feel free to read my Journal for more specific up to date information. 

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