by Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter

The transgender journey is one of transformation and has deep roots in our civilization going back to the time of Jesus and before.  Just as Jesus went through rites of initiation we too are going through spiritual transformation as well as physical changes.  Everything that Jesus went through was of his own creation and so he embraced each challenge as a gift.  From before he was born it was known that an enlightened Master would come to show the way of Christ mindedness.  What I am suggesting here and now is that you too are on this journey!  Especially those of us that are going through gender transition.  Indeed gender transition is a rite of passage just as Jesus and many others have experienced in their lifetimes.  I want you to understand just how important what you are doing is.  Jesus changed the world and so can you in the process of completing your transformation. 

In this look at transition I will be using Jesus as an example but there are many others and you can find the most appropriate for you.  First of all let us look at the crucifixion as a form of limitation.  Jesus’s body was quite literally nailed to the cross or bound and limited in its function. Now since Jesus was aware of his co-creation role with the divine his attitude about his predicament was that of acceptance of divine order.  Our role as transgender is much the same as Jesus, since we see our bodies as a limitation from expressing who we feel we are.  Our physical forms are limited in our view and our passion is to free this physical expression and make it in harmony with our souls.  Acceptance of this role as a co-creator with the divine spirit is the first step in making the transition a successful one.  Just as Jesus was a courageous brave soul who shared his love to show the way for the rest of humanity we too are showing the way for all the transitioning individuals to come. 

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Just as Jesus probably felt pain as he walked his journey of crucifixion and resurrection we too will feel some pain.  All people do, however suffering does not have to be involved!  Please understand that since Jesus was a conscious co-creator in his journey he did not suffer!   Indeed he chose his path and walked it in honor!  Suffering is a resistance to what is or a stubborn refusal to accept that you created your life just as it is.  For example, if you were to get a pebble in your shoe and as you walk it hurts – this is pain.  If you were to stubbornly refuse to accept that you have the power to change this situation and remove the pebble then you will suffer until the pebble is removed.  To relate this to the transition journey, if you stubbornly refuse to accept that you have chosen this journey long before you were born and refuse to change what appears to be “the way it is”, you will suffer.  By recognizing gender transformation as a life journey and accepting it as a gift you will forgo much if not all of the pain and suffering involved in transformation.  If we are to believe much of the stories about how Jesus suffered as he carried his cross and then was crucified upon it then we will be missing the whole point of his journey.  Likewise if you believe the stories that say that transgender is abnormal, strange, or wrong then suffering will be your path, however if you can come to the realization that transitioning is as normal as breathing then you will be free to enjoy the journey. 

We are not our bodies!  This realization should shake you to your soul!  It certainly did for me and I know that Jesus was acutely aware of this also.  The transgender journey is one of awakening to the Truth, be it apparent or actual.   It is also one of finding harmony and purpose, and then demonstrating that to yourself and the world.  Even though it may appear that Jesus “died on the cross to absolve your sins”.  I would like to point out that the Truth is that he did not die and was resurrected three days later to live again.  In fact, there is no sin to absolve!  We are Blessed Co-Creators of God, made in God’s own image and endowed with God’s creative abilities!  This is Jesus’s message to us that we are each a child of God and these things we will do also and greater.  The transformation journey is no different from the crucifixion and resurrection.  Just as Jesus’s body was laid to rest only to rise again, the transitional journey also represents this in the form of lying upon the operating table in one physical form only to rise hours later in a resurrected form that represents our harmonious soul expression.  So see yourself as the Christ and know that there is divine purpose behind your journey.  In reality all humans are walking the path of Christ and are simply expressing this in different forms.  My goal here is simply to awaken you to your divine heritage and bring the realization that you are the Christ!  Transitioning is a metaphor to the awakening of this divine heritage, or a rite of passage much like Jesus demonstrated 2000 years ago!  Accept this gift and suffer not!  Be the divine person you are guided by Spirit to be and let go of the crucifixion.  Be instead the Resurrection!

Once this realization is lived fully and our souls are satisfied with the transformation the last and most glorious step is the ascension.  Jesus was resurrected to deliver the glory of his message to his disciples so that they could spread the message to the masses.  Our journey is no different!   We are to experience our transformation in the fullest form we are lead to demonstrate and after we have been resurrected we are to take this message of eternal life to all people everywhere.  Be not afraid to express fully the Joy you feel as the harmonious, loving, vibrant person you are.  Share your glorious journey with the rest of the world and be comforted in knowing that all is in the divine plan.  When the body no longer serves us we will move on in a very natural way to even more glorious expressions of the most High, which is ascension defined.  May we all be Blessed in our Journey of Love!


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