Some people are corded together. They are drawn together from great distances and from lifetime to lifetime. The cord may bind and trap them. They will pull and tug at each other, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Often completely unaware of the effect they have on each other. Cords are formed between people who have unresolved issues between them. Every time you send thoughts or words of anger, hurt, jealousy, envy or need to someone, you manifest a tiny thread which attaches to them.

An occasional thought will dissolve, but if you constantly send negative feelings out, the threads will form cords or ropes. These will remain and bind you together until they are released.


Forgiveness dissolves cords for all time. When you forgive someone and let go totally of what has happened in the past, you free that person and yourself.

Shame & guilt bind you to certain memories and holds you back. When you are ready to forgive yourself for your past actions, you dissolve these restricting cords and the memory loses its charge. ~ Unknown.






May Peace Prevail on Earth - Möge Friede auf Erde Vorherrschen - Puisse la paix regner dans le monde - Possa la pace prevalere sulla Terra - Que la paz prevalezca en la tierra - Moge vrede heersen op aarde - Kan Fred råda på Jorden - Må fred råda på jorden - Kan vrede heers op aarde - May Hòa Bình cho - Keamanan Mei Menang di Bumi


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