Unity in Gender Diversity means we celebrate diversity, knowing we all come from the same place, and are made of the same "StarStuff", but express and embody this uniquely.  The Diversity which is demonstrated the world over is our greatest gift.  "Variety is the Spice of Life".

Gender is one aspect of our being and one which is sometimes misunderstood.  It is our goal here to dispel myths and misunderstandings, to raise awareness, and to promote Acceptance, Unity, and Universal Love. 

Through greater understanding of others, respecting our differences, and focusing on our similarities - Peace, Love, and Harmony prosper! 




Please visit us at our New Website - OnenessMinistry.info

Unity in Gender Diversity has changed to Oneness Ministry!  Please visit us at our new website listed above.  This site will be going down February 20, 2016.

Transitions Blog will continue to be available along with Gender Identity materials at Transness.org



Thank you to everyone who has visited this page over the years!! 


"Label me, define me, nail me down with cold words and

 that box will be your coffin, for I do not know who I am" -- Rumi





Copyright is a illusion, but credit where credit due is requested! 

This means if you use anything from this site it is requested credit be given with a link to the new website OnenessMinistry.info . 


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